Does Concealer Make Acne Worse? (2024)

Black woman applying a concealer over a face

Each one of us wants to look perfect in our day-to-day activities. The worst part is when you see a bad breakout on your face. After that, the first and foremost thing that you want to do is cover the acne with concealer or foundation. But the question that hits the mind of each one of us is, will concealer make acne worse? It becomes essential to find the answer to the question before you make use of concealer to cover up the acne on your face. 

One of the most common myths that people believe is concealers makes acne worse. But yes it is always essential to check the type of product before you switch to any cosmetic. 

To prevent further irritating your skin, be sure to avoid these harmful mistakes the next time you pat concealer over a reddish blemish. This article will help you know the ways through which you can keep your face clean.  Below are a few tips that will enhance your skin and you look perfect even without use the of cosmetics on your face. 

5 Best Tips to Keep you clean & avoid concealer that makes acne worse 

Do you clean your face everyday? If not, then you should. Let’s tell you about the 5 best tips to keep your face clean and prevent the need for concealer that are:

1. Clean Your Face 

The first and foremost thing when it comes to having clean skin is to make sure you clean your face with acne or no acne before you start makeup. Cleaning away dirt is a non-negotiable skincare step as you prepare your skin when acne-prone skin is involved. Your skin’s health will deteriorate if you apply cosmetics to a face that is oily or covered in grime. Always wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup. Choose a cleanser that balances oil and treats acne and contains substances like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, or charcoal. 

If you want to have perfect skin, use the product that is best in the market and doesn’t harm your skin. Face wash helps in clearing all the dirt off your face and then you can use acne-friendly moisturizer to make your skin makeup ready. 

2. Acne Patch Can Be a Good Option 

The use of concealer makes acne worse, hence it is always advisable,  not to use makeup on spots acne. In case you are scheduled to go for some important event, then you can try to cover the acne patch with some clindamycin. It is also advisable to reach out to your doctor before you opt for skincare products. This will help you keep your skin healthy and acne free. You can also cover your acne with concealer, but for a few minutes. 

Using concealer for a long time can worsen the condition and irritate your skin. So, make sure to think of your skin before applying any cosmetics to your face. 

3. Use Clean Brushes and Sponges For Makeup 

Acne-prone skin is more vulnerable to bacterial infections, which can spread readily to your skin through your cosmetics, brushes, and sponges. The leftover makeup particles on brushes and sponges are the cause of skin infections. Be sure to thoroughly clean all of your brushes and sponges. Used, soiled brushes and sponges serve as bacterial havens. They aggravate existing acne on you and can even start new outbreaks in previously clear places.

It is essential to make use of disinfectant tools before you use the products so that acne and other skin problems can be avoided. To have great skin it becomes important to maintain hygiene so that you can always look great. This will also help you avoid the usage of concealer that makes acne worse.

4. Makeup that is Designed For Acne Prone Skin 

When it comes to the usage of the products for makeup, it is important to choose the products that are perfect for your skin. In case your skin is prone to acne, then you can switch to makeup products that are good for oily skin or acne-prone skin. Everything you put on your skin should benefit it rather than leave it feeling irritated and furious the next morning. Most acne on skin prone to breakouts results from an overproduction of oil and sebum.

Moreover, acne makes the skin more sensitive, leaving it more vulnerable to external aggressors and injury. Make careful to choose products that are pore-unblocking, non-comedogenic, and devoid of oil. Use a foundation that is light and unscented and not overly moisturizing. They help significantly in ensuring that your product won’t worsen your breakout. Try using concealers that are good for your skin. The one which is soft enough to cover without causing any more skin damage and is designed to be used on skin issues including acne and dark spots. Various concealers make acne worse.

5. Get along with mineral makeup

When it comes to sensitive or acne-prone skin, mineral makeup is preferable. They are typically kinder to your skin and contain fewer chemical activities. To prevent an acne flare-up the following day, look for products that are good for your skin. You can also have a look at the products considering your skin and the items that can hide and cover the acne on your skin without harming it. 

The use of mineral makeup can give you flawless skin and also help in avoiding the use of concealer which makes acne worse.


People with acne may discover that some cosmetics, such as foundation and concealer, aggravate their condition or lead to new outbreaks since acne-prone skin is sensitive. The long term use of makeup with harsh chemicals can damage your skin further. 

According to the experts, individuals with skin issues like acne can also wear makeup,  all they need to do is take care of a few things that can help them improve their skin hygiene. They need to get products that match their skin. At times individuals may experience skin irritation brought on by the dye or colourant in their cosmetics, which can then result in acne. 

Acne cosmetic is the medical term for acne that is brought on by cosmetics. In case you use concealer then you need to take care of concealer makes acne worse. Plus, you can use mineral makeup and clean makeup brushes, sponges on a clean face for preventing acne. 

Hope this article will help you get skin that is clear and also you can avoid the use of concealer that makes acne worse. Make sure to use products that are good for your skin.


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