Top 6 Armenian Beauty Standards That will Shock You! (2024)

Armenian beauty holding sword

Beauty standards are often defined by both physical appearances and cultural norms. These standards are socially created and change over time, but they can serve as a foundation to understand why people recognize or reject others based on their appearance.

People have different beauty standards depending upon the territory they belongs to. Today we will discuss about the beauty standards of country Armenia.

Which is located in the southern west of Asia. As I said everything change from food to beauty standards because of divergence of parts of globe the varieties can be seen in everything from body structure and climate to food and clothing same goes in Armenia country.

Before discussing Armenian beauty standards let me introduce you a little bit to what are the variations you will found in genders of Armenia to the people of other parts of the globe.

Physical characteristics of Armenian men

  • Armenian men are known for their handsome look. They have big Adams apple and muscular body.
  • Armenian men are mostly well-built broad shoulders. 
  • As per armenian beauty standards, the most popular hairstyles followed by men are shaggy, but some prefer to grow it down. 
  • The traditional Armenian haircut is short but not too short.
  • They typically have high forehead, small ears and large eyes isn’t handsome? 
  • They show the general standard of physical health and fitness for a certain age group in Armenia.
  • If we talk about height they are generally near about 5 foot 10 inches or 179 on an average.  
  • The face may be long and oval shaped or square. 
  • The hair is usually black or brown, some have red hair. The hairstyle is worn short in the back and at times long in the front.

Physical characteristics of Armenian woman

  • Armenian woman have clean and clear skin. 
  • A woman from Armenia has curvy figure that emphasizes her soft and pleasant facial features, eyes, nose and lips. 
  • Characteristics of the women in Armenia are vivid and expressive eyes are green, blue or grey; long eyelashes. 
  • They have high cheekbones, wide lips and small thin eyebrows. 
  • Women with golden hair and fair skin love to use colorful clothes. 
  • The image of a typical Armenian woman is perfect when we look at her silhouette, how she carries herself!

But these are the facets considered to be attractive by human race.  What actually are Armenian beauty standards let me give an account of it in detail below.

Armenian beauty standards as per physical appearance

Commonly body shape, skin tone, height, facial features came under physical appearance of a person. I am going to discuss each fragment in detail below:-

1. Body shape

Body shape of Armenia woman and men is widely dissimilar. The Armenian women are famed for their narrow shoulders, broad hips, and slender waists. Men have flatter faces compared to other population in the world. They have a higher number of regular body hair than other populations which leaves them unshaven more often than not.

2. Skin tone

The skin tone of Armenia woman and men consider beautiful. The beauty of Armenian women is the physical beauty, the features of the body. The most attractive feature, however, is a sense of grace and charm required for man to find his partner in Armenia. They both have normally white skin tone and don’t need anything to enhance their color. 

3. Height

The average height of a man in Armenia is 178cms, whereas the average height for women is 168cm which is quick impressive. Women tend to be longer than men by an average of 6-8cms.

4. Facial features

The facial features that Armenian beauty standards for  woman and men consider attractive are small, symmetrical lips, clear skin, smooth and shiny hair. Men describe most beautiful women as slim with a robust character and being delightful to talk to.

5. Clothing

Clothing consider to be the human need. Everyone wear some form of clothes in order to survive. Some type of clothing is needed for all body types, such as underwear and socks, which you can’t do without. Clothing also protects us from the weather and actually has many physical benefits.

They keep us warm and even cool when needed depending on who you are. Clothes provide us with physical protection, but they also serve our aesthetic needs but apart from that clothes are symbols of our personality and identity.

We choose which clothes to wear based on the situation, what we are doing, and depending on what we perceive others might be thinking about us. Continue your reading because we will tell you some clothing patterns of Armenia people considered as attractive and tempting.

The clothing of Armenians is very diverse. The clothes are the same for men and women.  They are made of silk and cotton, with embroidered designs and prints. The types of clothing that Armenians wear depends on their regional genders.

Take the traditional arts of Armenia, such as Yerkrapah and Karvan, which are defined by their color, cut and style for both men and women. The color range is from white to black and shades in between. If a woman wants something more flashy than plain old black or white clothes, she should consider splurging on colorful scarves and shawls.

  • Armenian female clothing

Armenian woman is known for their love of color and beautiful clothes. They are known for wearing ethnic clothing, like the traditional Armenian embroidered tunic and cape. Fashion ladies of Armenia consider more  beautiful because they like their traditional clothing, they wear colorful and very characteristic scarfame and frocks generally.

  • Armenian female clothing

Clothes and clothing styles of men in Armenia are similar to those of the other nations of the Caucasus region, but they vary by region. The attire of them has always been considered beautiful because the clothing style of the men of Armenia has a wide variety of traditional dress.

These include the diverse, colorful and ornate costumes worn by all classes in ancient times; long gowns, cloaks and hats over tunics and trousers; and colorful embroidered coats worn at weddings, festivals and other ceremonies.

6. Hair color and hairstyles

Hair color makes a huge difference in the appearance of both men and women. The way hairstyles are worn, as well as the features of the face, can be changed due to hair color. Hair color impacts beauty and confidence of a person. Highlighting in an oval face, darkening blue with colorful eyes making skin tone look more vivid.

Here what natural color possess the people of Armenia and what hair styles they love to wore:-

  • Hair color of Armenian woman and what hair styles they like to wore

Armenian women are very much fashionable with many hairstyles. Such as curly, straight and parted hair is still popular in Armenia at the moment and it is considered as beautiful.

The first thing a visitor notices is how Armenian women’s hair color is so beautiful. It is dark, often black, red or brown and often very lengthy and worn loose or natural waves or braids. Armenian women may choose to wear their hair with makeup, but usually it sticks out in all directions.

  • Hair color of Armenian men and what hair styles they like to wore

Armenian men hair color considered as beautiful. They have black- brown hair and Armenian men hairstyles are interesting. They are known for their attractive facial features and stunning hairstyles. Armenian hair color and hairstyles considered as attractive by people from all the parts of world.


The article had  described some fascinating facts about beauty standards of the Armenians. In this article we learn that Armenian men and women have lighter skin than other people, they do not wear make up, they are generally thinner than others and also choose their own partners on the basis of same beauty standards.

It is very obvious that every ethnic group has its own makeup about the beauty standards but the  beauty standards of Armenians differ from other nation as observed in their costumes and style of dress. The Armenian culture gives a lot of emphasis on being beautiful in order to be accepted in society.

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