Are High Cheekbones Rare & Attractive?- Read on! (2024)

Beautiful woman with high cheeckbones

Have you ever wondered that Newborns rarely have some facial deformities? Newborns rarely have some facial deformities. Either a child is born with a low or high cheekbone. The beauty-conscious parents might ask are high cheekbones rare if they find their child with this facial feature. Again the questions of are high cheekbones attractive when a child grows up. Here, I have detailed the features, ethnicity, and ways to correct high cheekbones naturally and in surgical ways.

High Cheekbones Ethnicity

People of Central and Eastern Europe commonly have high cheekbone facial features. The majority of the male and female population have these features that make them look different from others. Such communities never look them apart or find them of a different race or ethnicity. Today, in this modern world, people travel all around, marry, and settle in different countries. So, we can find people with high cheekbones across all continents. Finally, it all depends on genes or genetics. It is common to find such people who marry different ethnicities and live in various parts of the world. Their offspring are born with high cheekbones.

High Cheekbones and Facial Beauty

Before seeing are high cheekbones attractive, you must know the facial types of humans. They are as follows.

  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Round
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Trapeze
  • Heart
  • Diamond

If you ask the same question, like are high cheekbones rare, it is common to find people born with a Diamond face shape. Next time, you can observe in public, find a person with a high cheekbone, and check their facial shape. If you live in an ethnicity where it is common, you will find those diamond face people commonly have this facial feature. Yet, it would be best if you tried in a different region to find the rare cases. It may look odd, as most people have a low cheekbone.

  • Men and women in round, oblong, square, rectangle and trapeze face shapes do not look much odd.
  • Men and women with Triangle hearts and oval face shapes will look odd on their cheek side of overall facial appearance.
  • Facial contours changes with aging. Thus, people with high cheeks apart from the diamond face type might look odd when growing.
  • Other facial types will look old when they are nearing their 50s.
  • A younger person might look old or odd if they do not have a chubby chin.

Yet, people with diamond face shapes look beautiful when they are in their teenage and adult years.

High Cheekbone Correction Natural Ways

Are high cheekbones rare, and, if found, can they be corrected in natural ways? Will they be annoying to parents of such newborn babies? Yet, grandma’s or alternative methods are there to correct naturally. Yet, parents or older adults must do this within a year of such type of child.

  • First, you can alter the shape of the cheekbone by giving a gentle massage when a child is three months old and above.
  • Next, does this gentle massage for weeks until you find some changes are happening on the cheek side?
  • It will help if you can stop massaging when the desired level of cheek shape is attained.
  • It is advisable to massage simultaneously on both sides of the cheek simultaneously with gentle pressure.

Note that alternative methods are the best when a child is under one year old. You can use herbal oil and do such massage. You must see that the child does not feel any discomfort while giving a massage on the cheek side. Also, consult your paediatrician before following any remedies for your child. They will better guide you on the suitable treatments and safe remedies for the baby as they are highly sensitive at this age. 

High Cheekbone Correction Invasive Ways

Are high cheekbones attractive or not? Today you have maxillofacial surgery to correct any types of facial bone deformities by birth, by accidents, and for beauty-conscious people. With the development of medical science  there are trustworthy procedures that are performed with a high level of precision that produce amazing results. Maxillofacial surgeons perform high cheekbone correction in men and women. It is a daycare surgery, or a patient can leave the hospital on the same day the surgery is over. 

You will look attractive when the surgeon shapes your high cheekbones to the desired contour levels. The rest, you have to follow what your maxillofacial surgeon suggests to take after maxillofacial surgery treatment. So, you need to properly follow the post-surgery care and precautions that are prescribed by the medical professionals to avoid any harm.  

Right Candidates for Maxillofacial surgery for High Cheek Correction

  • People wish to have artificial dimples
  • People with a triangular-shaped facial structure
  • People with asymmetrical cheeks
  • People with cheek deformities
  • People with low or recessed cheekbones
  • People with sunken or sagging cheeks
  • People with unusually big cheekbones
  • People with wrinkled, aging cheeks

If you fall among any features, then you can consider knowing about high cheekbones correction procedures. Today, high cheekbones rare or not, you can correct them to look good with professional help from a maxillofacial surgeon at the right hospitals. Such surgeries are the best for beauty-conscious people or those in a profession that demands facial beauty to look good. Thus, a child born with facial deformities can be corrected in the present world earlier than living with such deformities lifelong. Surgeries give you a viable option to modify your face and get desirable features on your face with the help of science.

Myths of People with High Cheek Bones

Similar to myths about makeup and skincare, people have multiple myths related to high cheekbones. If you have heard any of these mentioned below, then it is important to remember that they are not true.

  • Low cheekbones vs. high, different cultures have different beliefs on the facial shape of people.
  • A few cultures like people with high cheekbones as they look bold and beautiful in diamond face shape.
  • People with high cheekbones are considered wealthy people by birth.
  • Genetics is common in finding people with high cheekbones in a region or society.
  • It does not mean their children will have the same facial features.
  • Today, they are not odd people as all are mixed in the current world. Regarding the beauty side, they do the correction with alternative and surgical ways.
  • People with chubby chins cannot determine whether they have a high cheekbone.
  • A person with a triangle face will look odd if they have high cheekbones.


Whether high cheekbones are rare & attractive depends on how a person identifies facial shapes and recognizes them as beautiful. Every person is beautiful in their individual way. Yet, everyone has a right to take their decisions that includes getting cosmetological procedures and High-cheekbone surgery. A person with high cheekbones looks much more attractive. The rest of the facial contours make them look much more beautiful than a person with a low cheekbone. For this reason, cheekbones have become become important part of makeup routines and women love to highlight it with blush and contours.


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