What are the African Beauty Standards? (2023)

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Have you ever wondered how the skin of African people is so dark? What is Africans’ beauty standard? These thoughts must have come in your mind sometime or the other, but today we will give you the answers in this article.

Africa is a continent made up of 54 states, each with its own civilization and beauty standards. Africa is divided into 4 parts, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa. There are many races and groups of people living in Africa, who have different standards of beauty. Only people with black skin do not live in Africa, there is a lot of variation in the colour of people in different parts.

Arab people live in the North side of Africa, whose colour is white and brown, in South Africa, both black and white people live. Whereas in West and East Africa, only black skin people live, which is still far behind the present world. They still work and live life according to their old tradition. That is, in Africa you will find all kinds of people and different customs.

Women and men with dark skin tones are considered more beautiful and attractive in Africa. Currently the African beauty standard includes women having dark skin, thick lips, normal size nose, beautiful eyes, wide thighs, large and curvy hips, etc. Also African male beauty standards include tall body, dark skin, then body, and good body. Women living in rural areas use less makeup, and their beauty standards are also less. This is because she spends her whole day taking care of her household and kids. The people of African villages believe in the beauty of women only because of how much she does for her family. Today, through this article, we will know about the beauty standard of Africans.

List of Africans beauty standards.

1: Big and long body

Africa’s beauty standard is identified by her big and tall body. African women make a lot of efforts to make their body shapely. African women achieve their fat body by the age of 6 which is normal. However, this only happens in a few African regions because of their different beauty standards.

2: Body painting

Body painting is included in the old and traditional beauty standard of Africa. It has been going on for a long time in Africa, in which red and white ocher mixed with animal fat is painted on the body. It is a symbol of being transformative, spontaneous and alive, but it is now used to adorn the body. African rural women attract men by painting their bodies.

3: Lip plates

This tradition of lip plates is important in the beauty standard of the Mursi and Surma people in Africa. This tradition has been going on in Africa for many years, which continues in some areas even today. When a man or woman in Africa is in their youth, a hole is made in their lower arm. That hole is left for some time, for about 6 months, as soon as 6 months pass, a large round disc is inserted in this hole. This plate simply means that the woman is now absolutely suitable for marriage. The size of this plate is used to estimate how many cattle the girl’s parents need for the girl child.

Women who are not married wear lip rings. A woman can wear a ring only while serving food to her husband and during any function. The lip ring is a symbol of commitment to the husband and, of beauty, the woman can take off the lip ring if her husband dies. There is a belief in Africa that a woman who does not pierce her lip is considered ugly, cowardly, and is not considered good to be a wife. But now the people of Ethiopia are moving away from this tradition and developing a good and developed lifestyle as compared to earlier. All these traditions are preventing women from studying and moving forward, so she is leaving them all. But the ring is the main symbol of their society and caste, some people believe that it is spreading superstition in the society.

4: Hairstyle

One of the most famous and traditional African hairstyles is the Fulani braids. This hairstyle is made by more than half of the women of Africa, as well as African men also like this hairstyle very much. This hairstyle is a symbol of social, marital status in African beauty standards. This hairstyle originated from the Fula people, hence it is called Fulani braids. Apart from this, African women decorate their hair with pearls with Filani hairstyles.

5: Big and curvy hips

In Africa it is considered very good to have big, round hips and wide thighs. It is believed that women who have big thighs and thick and curvy hips are perfect for conceiving. The round and clunky hip signifies a woman to be fit for marriage, and childbearing. You must have often seen that African women’s hips and thighs are always big and curved. It shows them to be healthy, well and strong.

What are ancient beauty secrets in Africa?

Let us look deep into the various ancient oils that Africans use in their historical times and those still popular and widely used in modern African times.

1. Importance of natural oils

This incredibly potent substance is utilized to ward against dermatitis, stretch marks, pimples, and wrinkles. Because of its high vitamin content, shea butter is frequently used in natural skin care procedure. Since they make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, these vitamins maintain the health of your skin. They also relieve dry or chapped skin.

2. African Black soap

West Africa has been using African black soap, a sort of natural, hand-made soap, for ages. It is thought to offer several advantages for the skin and is formed from the ashes of roasted plants and fruits. The soap is often used to wash the skin and hair, and it is also said to be beneficial for treating psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It’s also employed by some as a shampoo or shaving soap.

3. Moringa Oil

The seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree are used to make moringa oil. This light oil has been used in African customs for a very long period. It is indigenous to the tropical regions of Africa and has a light golden texture. One of the most potent natural products in the world is moringa oil. This oil not only has many skincare advantages but it may also be used to purify water for drinking or other uses.


Friends, Africa is divided into four parts and it includes 54 states. The beauty standards of each state and region differ according to their customs. Now Africans are leaving behind their old beliefs and traditions. But even today these traditions are alive in some parts, this is what makes Africa different from the world. Due to so much heat and sunlight, Africans are mostly found in dark skin.

But according to black skin tone they are not considered ugly. In Africa, the darker your complexion, the more beautiful and attractive you will be considered. But it is limited only to Africa, even today in many countries of the world, African people suffer from hate because of their colour. People judge them by their dark skin tone. In my view, a person’s heart should be beautiful and fair. Hope friends, you must have liked this Africans beauty standards.

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