Top 8 Roman Beauty Standards that will Shock You!! (2023)

Beautiful roman girl wearing white dress standing beside white marble pole

Whenever we hear the name of Rome, the first thing that comes to our mind is its wealth and the Christian community. But not only this, like other people and countries, Roman men and women are also known for their Roman beauty standards that have originated back from its rich history. The beauty standards of Roman men and women differed greatly. Pure fair skin is a symbol of the high beauty of the Roman people, some of the beautiful cosmetics in Rome were taken from many countries, including Germany, Gaul, China, etc.

The women of Rome also used designer brands, but these used to be very expensive, which was a bit difficult for poor people to buy. But poor women could also buy cheaper varieties according to their needs. Along with jewellery, clothes, makeup, the women of Rome also took great care of fragrance, because that is also an essential part of beauty.

Dress is most important in Roman beauty standards, but the two classes of people (plebeians and patricians) in Rome had different dresses. The patricians were upper class women who wore the stola (a sleeveless dress worn from shoulder to toe), and the plebeians were the lower class women who wore the tunic (less woollen and frayed cloth). In Rome, women wearing traditional dress were considered a symbol of dignity, and beauty.

The people of Rome are divided into two classes, the plebeians (lower class people) and the patricians (upper class people). The clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. of these two are quite different from each other. But the Rome of today has changed a lot since then, and it continues to grow.

List of Roman Beauty Standards

There are a variety of characteristics in Roman beauty Standards like:

1: White skin

As we told you above, the people of Rome loved fair and clean skin very much. The fair complexion itself was the most important feature in the Roman beauty standard. Fair women were considered more beautiful, and attractive, and only fair women could hire someone. Apart from this, women with brown skin were not even allowed to hire anyone. Women used to use different things to make themselves look beautiful, like swan’s fat sheep skin, milk etc. A variety of home remedies were used by Roman women to increase their fairness in Ancient times.

2: Physical Appearance

Roman women were known for their physical appearance. In Rome, women with slim, strong, narrow shoulders, broad thighs, and small breasts, almond shaped eyes, long nose, and oval cheeks are considered more beautiful and attractive than other women. Apart from this, pink lips and hairless legs and arms are also included in the Roman beauty standard.  In fact, the people of Rome consider thin girls as a symbol of beauty, and the correct structure of the body is known by all these things. The women there used to do many measures to make their waist thinner.

Nice and curvy hips are seen as beauty, even today the women of Rome go to the gym, and exercise etc. to make their hips nice and round. Some women also use injections and medicines etc.

3: Tooth and Nail

Tooth And Nail are not given much importance in any other culture’s beauty standards. But, tooth and nail cleanliness have a higher significance in Roman beauty standards. It is also very important to keep the teeth and nails clean, and the Romans also took care of this. The women of Rome used to keep their nails and teeth clean and white, which increased their beauty. But it is believed that only the upper class women of Rome could cut their nails. This is because it is a symbol of cleanliness and beauty which is only for the upper class people. The Romans kept their teeth very clean, for which they used things like baking soda.

4: Fragrance

Have you ever bought any Roman perfumes? Perfumes were very famous in Rome, which were often used by the people there, and still do today. Plus, many globally leading brands in the perfume industry hail from Rome. It is said that in Rome a woman who did not use perfume was considered dirty, smelly, and sticky. The women of Rome used different things like fruits and flowers to make perfumes. She used to wear different fragrances on different festivals and occasions, including men.

5: Hair Removal

Women in Rome were not allowed to have body hair. The men there only liked such women who are hairless, that is, who do not have a single hair on their hands and feet. Girls without hair were considered clean, and intelligent. Apart from this, the men of Rome also used to clean their hair from time to time.  Person hygiene has a lot of significance in Roman culture.

6: Long Eyelashes

Long and dark black eyelashes were the fashion in Rome, where people used burnt cork to darken their eyelashes. Apart from this, the women there used colourful eyeshadows to decorate their eyelids. He used glass, a piece, a tooth, or a needle to apply the eyeshadow to their eyes.

7: Pink Lips

Pink lips enhance your beauty, Romans also used to take care of their lips so that their lips look pink and attractive. Women with rosy lips were considered more classy and classy as only upper class women could afford to be beautiful. Roman women used beetle juice, henna, and beeswax to make their lips pink and soft. By mixing all these things together, soft and pink lips can be obtained.

8: Shoes

When it comes to Roman beauty standards, Roman logo shoes are paramount. Both Roman women and men wore sandals, which were shaped like a toe and a toe. Apart from this, the upper class people used to wear red coloured shoes, which were forbidden to the lower class people. Even today, Roman people prefer to wear decent shoes and footwear that is an important part of their beauty standards.

Final Words

The most important Roman beauty standards were a slim body, a fair complexion, and a well-dressed stola. Women in Rome were considered beautiful because of their small breasts, heavy thighs and hips, and pink lips. Apart from this, farmers or working people in Rome are counted in the lower class, these people are brown in colour. There only white women are allowed to hire someone. The Romans have been very positive about their beauty since the beginning, and will continue to be so. But today Rome has come a long way, and it no longer teaches to divide people into classes in any way.

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