[Latest] List of Ugliest Celebrities Without Makeup! (2024)

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When we see celebrities on the big screen or our TV screens, they often look glamorous, polished, and flawless. But have you ever wondered what they look like without makeup? We often forget that celebrities are humans too; just like us, they have good and bad days. In this blog, we will look at some celebrities without makeup and appreciate their natural beauty.

Celebrities Who Don’t Like To Use Makeup

If you think every celebrity is always decked up with makeup, you are wrong! Let’s gell you about the celebrities who don’t like to use makeup that are as follows:

  • Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is known for her powerful voice and hit songs and her bare-faced beauty. In 2016, she made headlines when she decided to stop wearing makeup altogether. Since then, she’s continued to embrace her natural beauty, inspiring others to do the same.

  • Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a beloved actress known for her roles in the Harry Potter franchise and other films. She’s also an advocate for natural beauty and sustainable fashion. Watson is often seen without makeup and promotes embracing one’s natural beauty and using makeup only when desired.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress and entrepreneur recognized for her natural beauty. Paltrow has been open about her skincare routine, which involves minimal products and a focus on natural ingredients. Her commitment to natural beauty has inspired many to embrace their natural features.

  • Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another actress who often appears without makeup. She’s known for her effortless and natural beauty, and she’s been open about her skincare routine, which includes gentle products and daily sunscreen use. Hudson’s message is that true beauty comes from within, and makeup should only enhance one’s natural features.

  • Zendaya

Zendaya is a talented actress and singer recognized for her stunning natural beauty. She’s often seen without makeup and has spoken about embracing one’s natural features. Zendaya’s confidence in her natural beauty is a reminder that we should all feel comfortable and confident in our skin.

These actors are more fond of keeping their face off makeup whenever possible. Next, let us know about the Ugliest celebrities without makeup.

Ugliest Celebrities Without Makeup

The trend of #NoMakeup and #wokeuplikethis selfies on social media has been popularized by celebrities in recent years. The trend encourages individuals to post pictures of themselves without any makeup or filters, showcasing their natural beauty. However, not all celebrities have managed to pull off the no-makeup look. Some of them appeared almost unrecognizable without makeup and failed to meet natural standards. Here are some interesting observations on celebrities who posted their #NoMakeup selfies:

  • Chelsea Handler, known for her uncensored autobiographical books and talk show, posted a humorously bad photo that looked like a substance abuse awareness campaign. In the photo, she appeared tired and disheveled, with dark circles under her eyes and her hair in a messy bun.
  • Demi Lovato, who often posts no-makeup selfies and has done a no-retouching shoot with Vanity Fair, did not look good in one of her photos. She appeared tired and pale, with bags under her eyes and blemishes on her skin.
  • Nicki Minaj, who usually wears loud and colorful makeup, appeared quite different in her shower selfie, without her typical eye shadow and lash extensions. However, she still looked beautiful and radiant, with glowing skin and a fresh look.
  • Tyra Banks, who is naturally stunning, appeared crazy and unfriendly in her photo. She had a wild look in her eyes and looked like she hadn’t slept in days. Many fans were surprised by her transformation and wondered if she was intentionally trying to look unattractive.
  • Sharon Stone, who applied a nuclear-blast-like filter, did not showcase her natural beauty in the best light. The filter made her look washed out and pale, making it difficult to see her features clearly.
  • Katy Perry’s then-husband Russell Brand posted an unflattering picture of her, which wasn’t a wise move for someone in a public relationship. Perry appeared tired and disheveled in the photo, with messy hair and dark circles under her eyes.
  • Jessica Alba, a naturally stunning actress,  ended up looking like a hot mess in a blurry, sweaty, post-workout snap. Her hair was sticking to her face, and she had sweat stains on her shirt. While she still looked beautiful, it wasn’t her best look.
  • AnnaLynne McCord, a model and actress, had some pimples under the foundation. Her skin looked red and inflamed, and it was clear that she was struggling with a breakout.
  • Kylie Jenner was criticized for still wearing eyeliner, but her altered nose and lips made her almost unrecognizable without makeup. She appeared much younger and less polished than her usual glamorous self.
  • Lady Gaga, known for her outrageous looks, had people questioning if the stripped-down photo was actually her. She appeared fresh-faced and natural, with no makeup or filters, and fans were surprised by how different she looked without her usual elaborate makeup and costumes.
  • Marilyn Manson, who usually wears heavy makeup, looked quite toned down with just a smudge of eye makeup. He appeared more natural and approachable than his usual gothic persona, and fans appreciated seeing this different side of him.

We often forget celebrities don’t look perfect all the time. But, rather than criticising them for it we should appreciate their talent and hardwork they put into their work.

Why Are The Celebs Trolled?

Actresses and celebrities are often expected to look glamorous and flawless all the time, and their public image is closely tied to their physical appearance. Therefore, when they post photos of themselves without or with minimal makeup, it can be seen as a departure from the norm and may challenge societal expectations and beauty standards. This can result in some people trolling or criticizing them for not looking as good without makeup as they do with it.

Furthermore, social media has made it easier for people to comment publicly on and critique others’ appearances. Unfortunately, this has led to a culture of body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards, particularly for women. It is important to remember that everyone is entitled to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, with or without makeup, and that we should all strive to embrace and celebrate diverse beauty in all its forms.


The topic of celebrities without makeup can be a sensitive and controversial issue, as it raises questions about the pressure to conform to beauty standards and the impact of media scrutiny on public figures. While some celebrities have been praised for embracing their natural beauty and going without makeup, others have faced criticism and even body shaming.

It’s important to remember that celebrities are human beings, and they have the right to make their own choices about their appearance. Wearing makeup should be a personal choice, not an obligation, and going without makeup should be celebrated, not criticized. Rather, we as a society need to develop a positive attitude towards beauty and respect their choices.


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