Top 10 Bangladesh Beauty Standards You Must Know! (2024)

Bangladeshi woman bridal look

Have you ever wondered does Bangladesh also has its beauty standards? An answer to this question is Yes.

Why not Bangladesh? In today’s era every single country, every culture, and even every single individual has their beauty standards, their scenarios, their mindsets regarding beauty.

And in this race of being ideally beautiful, Bangladesh is also not behind.

Bangladesh spent a long time under imperial British authority. As a result, numerous standards and fashions have been established that are similar to British or, to put it more broadly, Occidental culture.

It should come as no surprise that the West and an androcentric culture, which have long been ingrained in the minds of the average Bangladeshi person, have had a particularly strong impact on standards for female beauty.

In addition, satellite channels and the media continue to play a role.

Let’s know more about Bangladeshi beauty standards

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List of Bangladeshi Beauty Standards

Like every other beauty standard that exists, Bangladesh’s beauty standards are also inspired by their history, and culture, with a slight touch of modernism.

So, without any further delay, let us discuss the main 10 beauty standards that make an ordinary lady the ideal in the style of Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi girl in yellow saree

1. Bangladeshi Women features

In Bangladesh, female beauty is occasionally idealized as having features like a pale complexion, a pointed nose, high cheekbones, a noticeable collarbone, a thin frame, medium to tall heights, etc.

Additionally, Bangladesh is also experiencing the same trend as the rest of the world in that beauty is increasingly becoming objectified as a product.

Those who sell beauty. The more you can adapt your product to match the needs of a worldwide market, the more probable it is that you will be able to sell it.

Therefore, precedent dictates that you push a trend that you are confident will catch on quickly. That is the definition of female beauty in Bangladesh and throughout the rest of the world.

2. Face health 

The first step to achieving a bright complexion is to wash your face. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is by far the best cleanser.

Bangladeshi women frequently engage in using a mild cleanser to wash their face twice a day, this helps dull skin seem lively by removing pollutants and free radicals from the skin.

At most, exfoliate once or twice each week. The vivid complexion that Bangladeshi ladies are renowned for may be achieved by using a face scrub to remove dead skin cells and residue accumulation.

Similar to how a chemical exfoliant with glycolic acid removes dead skin cells and gives your skin a healthy glow.

3. Facial feature

Under Bangladeshi beauty standards measure the breadth of your forehead, running from hairline to hairline.

Measure the distance between the outer corners of each eye for your cheekbone width. The Bangladeshi women have along the jawline’s side to determine its breadth.  distance from the base of their ear to the center of their chin by two.

 Gauge the distance between your chin’s tip and the middle of the hairline.

4. Appearance

Girls from this nation have stunning physical features, including large expressive eyes, thick, black hair, and lovely bodies.

Now, what do these lovely bodies mean? Basically, a body with an hourglass figure. Yet, the pear body shape is also not criticized. But if you have a figure of 36-24-36, then it is the best.

This 24 can also be 26 or 28 inches, not more than that. But a big chest and large hips are highly appreciated. 

All the way, the next thing is height. There are not many strict rules for height. You can have a height that is average. From 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 9 inches.

Your height can be slightly less than that. And you will not find any girl having a height more than this.

And one more thing, Bangladeshi ladies resemble Indian females in appearance.

5. Eye Features

  • Some Bangladeshi women have almond eyes, which are frequently regarded as being big, brilliant, and the best eye form. Almond eyes are fashioned like an almond turned on its side, with the inner corners being smaller and the outside area of the eye is wider and rounder. 
  • The monolid eye shape, which most women in Bangladesh have following Bangladeshi beauty standards, is another eye form typically associated with people of Asian heritage. Naturally seeming double-lipped eyes
  • Several Bangladeshi women have Most people associate children with round eyes. The center of the round eyes will be rounded, and the corners will be rounded as well. A round eye may look larger or more open than certain other eye types, according to Bangladeshi beauty standards. A round eye is not going to be totally rounded because there will still be an inner and outer corner.
  • You have to have consider eye health as well thats why consuming eye vitamins is very important. Eye Vitamins with Lutein & Zeaxanthin is the best eye vitamins to have a healthy eyes.

6. Eye styling

According to Bangladeshi beauty standards, brown eyes look fantastic with both light and dark makeup hues. Brown eyes are brightened and their abundant warmth is brought out by lighter eye makeup.

Darker eye makeup, however, may also assist shape and defining brown eyes for a more dramatic finish, which is a unique technique to accentuate them.

7. Nose

Bangladeshi standards for beauty This uncommon yet highly desired nose form is sometimes simply referred to as “the straight nose” and is distinguished by its extremely straight bridge. There are often no curves or humps on it.

The majority of Bangladeshi men and women have this style of the nose. It often has a broad, projecting form with a fleshy tip pointed downward and weak cartilage.

This nose form, which resembles the bent beak of hawks and other predatory birds, is distinguished by a dramatic curve and a noticeable bridge.

8. Neck 

Fluffy and spherical brushes are used to apply powder foundation per Bangladeshi norms. They use one side of the brush to pick up powder foundation from the container’s edge.

They just apply a little bit of powder to the brush’s fibers at a time. Apply the makeup on the skin evenly with the brush.

Put powder foundation over the neck, beneath the chin, and along the jawline. Start with the chin and work your way up to the jawline before moving down into the neck.

To lessen the impact of the brush on facial hair, use a downward motion. Make sure there is no obvious line or color distinction between the neck and the face.

9. Hairstyles

This specific hairdo springs first of a Bangladeshi haircut. Even though they can seem simple at first appearance, traditional Bangladeshi haircuts need a lot of time and effort to achieve.

This Bangladeshi haircut may be reached at the top in around a tenth of a centimeter. Straight lines flowing horizontally separate this area of hair. Visually and physiologically, this exudes a seductive and cool atmosphere.

The clean-cut squares that have been shaved on both sides of the forehead following Bangladeshi beauty standards help to keep the hair tidy and ordered. 

Bangladeshi people use the hair styler to style their hairs and thats how they look amazing with awesome hair styles.

10. Hair Grooming

Although many guys opt to wear it, this is a typical Bangladeshi hairstyle for women in that country. When the curly hair is between two and three centimeters long, the Bangladeshi haircut is prepared for grooming.

Although it is not at all what one would call a wavy haircut, this Bangladeshi style works quite well for a macho look.

The sides of the head are shaved following Bangladeshi beauty standards, and the fade is easily accomplished. The top two layers of the hair are the only areas that have been highlighted.

The shape that results when two parallel lines of shaved hair are combined to form a single vertical line resembles a bolt of lightning.

Glance At The End

Bangladesh’s beauty is far different and unique from other southeastern Indian portion

No matter their economic circumstances, Bangladeshis make an effort to greet and care for visitors. Never leave a Bangladeshi house without eating something.

Bangladeshis are, in general, kind people who like interacting with others. Bangladeshis strive to have a positive attitude in the face of whatever difficulties or hardships they may experience.

They can genuinely appreciate the beauty of the planet.

There is a thing that I like about Bangladesh’s beauty standards is that they are not too restricting. They more appreciate a beautiful soul than a beautiful body.

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