Top 8 Jamaican Beauty Standards, You’ve never Heard Before! (2024)

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Do you think that Jamaican beauty standards are same as Western ones? Due to the western beauty standards ruling the minds and hearts of young women, Jamaican women are also slightly influenced by them. A slender body or an hour glass figure are their takes. 

You hear many people say real beauty lies within you. But does the society believe in it? These days you find people embracing oneself as they are. But at the same time, there are those who promote a fair skin, slim figure, straight hair and all forms of delicacy. Between this battle, many young girls and women are trapped. 

Let’s look at some of the Jamaican beauty standards that women desire:

Jamaican Beauty Standards

There’s a high Eurocentric influence on the Jamaicans. Dark skinned individuals have always seen a prejudice against themselves. Light skin is held high, whereas dark skin is looked down upon. This is also the case in Jamaica. 

All the top positions seem to be held by fair skinned ones. It is clear oppression and a kind of open discrimination against the blacks.

1. The light skin hype

Fair skin obsession seems to never get old. The Jamaicans also experience the same. People with light skin are seen getting better jobs and are accepted by the society. Whereas, the ones with black skin don’t find the same privilege. Due to such degradation, they are opting for skin bleach. 

Skin bleaching products are being used very often to get a lighter skin tone. It is rubbed on the skin, leaving the skin reddish. 

Note: Such skin lightening products can cause skin cancer. 

2. Straight hair

Most of the Jamaicans have curly hair. As straight hair is considered more attractive, hair straightening tools are used. With Eurocentric influence, blonde hair is also getting more attention. As a result, hair colours also matter women are changing to blondies.

3. Curvy body

Women should stay thin, yet curvy, this is what men in Jamaica prefer. There’s got to be some flesh on their bones. And mostly an hour glass figure is more charming. Women here flaunt their shapes. And have more liking towards such a body type.

4. Full buttocks

Did you hear anyone using chicken pills to make their buttocks full? In Jamaica people do so. That’s strange how women use animal’s products for the sake of an attractive body. 

Chicken pills are fed to the hens so that they get matured very soon. In the same way, women consume it to get bigger bottoms.

Men think that women with thin bodies and no big butts are considered poor and unattractive. This makes the women more concerned about their looks and take such weird steps.

These are the beauty standards for women in Jamaica. They also end up to be the same as American Beauty Standards. 

Here are the Jamaican Facial Features

The face of the Jamaicans has special features. Let’s get to know what sets them apart from the rest of the world.

5. Green or Brown Eyes

Jamaicans usually are green or brown eyed. Though there are many ethnic groups who reside here, most of them have dark green or dark brown eyes. Their eye colour is distinct and matches their skin tone. Not just the eye colour, at the same time their eyes are also very mesmerizing.

6. Straight nose with wide nostrils

The Jamaican faces are characterized by a straight nose. With a straight nose, their nostrils are wide. Most of them are found with such noses, though some may have different ones due to mixed groups.

7. A small mouth

Their mouth is small and isn’t wide. Though they have thicker lips, the size of their mouth is quite small. Hence, they have a cute little smile.

8. Curly hair

Jamaicans have curly hair. Their hair has a quite rough texture and is frizzy. In order to maintain their hair, they braid and plait it up. This also doesn’t get the hair entangled.

The Jamaicans have different features and are unique on their own. Their beauty standards might match the western world, but their natural beauty is pure and lovely. They look beautiful when they go all natural.

Jamaican Women

What are Jamaican women like? A battle against all the misconceptions, Jamaican women are far more educated. They stand for themselves, and give education the greatest priority. As compared to their olden days, women now in Jamaica can be seen holding top degrees. They consider learning of utmost importance.

Also, Jamaican women are very sophisticated. They display a sense of elegance. They believe that each woman is beautiful in her own way and has dignity. No matter what, a woman has to be respected. She is to be given the respect she deserves.

Do you love colourful clothes? A Jamaican woman also does. They are seen wearing vibrant clothes of different colours. Floral designs, stripes and other unique prints are preferred by these women.

Women in Jamaica are also known for their love, loyalty and kindness. They have a contagious smile and are graceful. If you visit Jamaica, you will surely find them more welcoming and kind hearted. These women are confident and speak up for their self. Freedom is most treasured by them and they are passionate and enthusiastic about the things they adore.

Jamaican women value their families. They prioritise their family and never desert them. Respecting their relatives and maintaining good familial ties is a part of Jamaican culture.


Jamaican beauty standards are no different. They also require the woman to be appealing to the opposite gender. By modifying their bodies in the way society wants it to be, they please the people. This doesn’t give them real happiness, but they feel more accepted. It satisfies them and they start to believe that body modification is a crucial part in their lives.

Apart from this, the Jamaican women have unique natural facial features. They are confident, bold and enthusiastic. They hold their values up and know how important a family is. A Jamaican woman surely balances well between her personal life and work life.

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