Top 10 Victorian Beauty Standards- 9th One is Interesting! (2023)

Victorian woman wearing white hat and holding pink roses in hands

We all are very much bound by the way our surrounding evolves and people changes. The way nowadays women are styling themselves and making themselves unique with their attractive appearance makes us excited.

But have you ever thought that many centuries ago, women in ancient times were also indulged in being fashionable? Do you have any idea how ancient women used to style themselves?

Well, it’s very mesmerizing to understand how history has depicted the way women at those times used to get ready and put on makeup. Do they have to experience any kind of hatred for being beautiful or stylish? How they sorted themselves and in what ways that makes us attractive towards this?

Today we will look and read about how Victorian women used to be dressed and styled.

Let us dive into this historical article.

List of Victorian Beauty Standards

1. View of Makeup 

No doubt women were also interested to have makeup on their pretty faces but some mentality changed their mindset. Would you like to know what type of mentality it was? Women even used lipsticks and other cosmetics that matched their skin tone to avoid standing out and being noticed during the Victorian era when beauty was highly valued.

Beauty during the Victorian era was viewed as being overused by prostitutes who used strongly colored and aggressive makeup, which is why the majority of women looked down on and thought it was banned.

2. Hair Styling 

Can you even imagine in what ways hair used to be styled by Victorian women? Even the Victorian beauties of the time had somewhat understated and conservative hair. It typically had a straightforward style with the hair pushed back so that none of it rested on the face and then wrapped in a bun, plait, or occasionally curly style.

3. Hair Grooming

Well, it’s very interesting to know how Victorian women groomed their hair.

 The hairstyles weren’t extremely artistic. Long, soft curls left free at the back or sides were also highly fashionable, as were buns and chignons. To make the hair silky and glossy, oils were used. Completing the style would be elaborate combs and clips.

Men started cutting off women’s long hair if they wore it that way. Long hairstyles from the past have been replaced with considerably shorter and more straightforward haircuts. 

4. Makeup 

While DIY skincare was quite popular in the Victorian era, makeup may not have been. Since they can’t use cosmetics to hide flaws, they should probably avoid having them in the first place.

Natural components from the kitchen and garden, including waxes and almond oil, were used to make creams and lotions. Toners were water-and-rose, lily, or violet combinations. Cleaner than the old creams that included heavy metals, but hardly a miracle healer either.

5. Complexion

Victorians favored fair skin. It was a noble gesture. It implied that women were financially secure and could afford not to work long hours outside, which would certainly cause them to get tanned.

The trend would be advanced by fashionistas. Since the veins below were visible, they would paint some really thin blue lines on their skin to make it appear more transparent. Some individuals even highlighted their black circles.

They would apply powder to their faces anytime they were shiny and greasy.

6. Eyebrows

It seems that eyebrows may be of any size and form, but the question arises how they used style their eyebrows? It was appropriate to shave the hair between the brows because it was not very attractive.

Smoothly arched brows were believed to indicate a happy and friendly personality, according to etiquette texts of the day. Similarly, level (or straight) brows were believed to carry no negative meaning.

 They are utilized to maintain the form of the natural brow. Additionally, the color must go well with the hair and skin tone to look more attractive and this was also added to Victorian beauty standards.

7. Skin Grooming

Have you ever noticed how Victorian women used to groom their skin? The Victorian female population accepted the use of powder secretly. After her skincare routine, even Queen Victoria applied a little powder. It had to be undetectable to human sight, especially a man’s, and it had to be subtle. As much as too much rouge or lip color, too much powder was criticized. 

Various crushed substances, such as starch, oatmeal flour, zinc oxide, rice, French chalk, and white clay, were used to create powders. To contrast the era’s yellow lighting, they might be left white or gently stained with pink or violet paints.

8. Eye Grooming

Eye care was very popular among Victorian women. Would you like to know how was victorian women took care of their eyes? The women used lemon and orange juice on their eyes as a cosmetic therapy because they thought it maintained their eyes clear and bright. The women persevered despite the uncomfortable application process that was accompanied by minor irritability and red eyes.

The women utilized belladonna, a well-known toxin, in addition to lemon juice to enlarge their pupils.

9. Body shape grooming

It’s very interesting and surprising to know how they kept their weight under control.

Women in the Victorian era were more than willing to shed pounds swiftly to fit into emerging fashion trends that demanded reduced waists.

Many advertisements advised consumers to consume sterilized tapeworms if they desired weight loss. Ingesting a tapeworm, which would live in one’s intestines and absorb whatever food consumed, was one technique to do this.

When used as directed, the pills would cause the host to develop tapeworms.

10. Facial Care

Victorian women employed a flexible face rubber called a “toilet mask” to enhance and protect their complexion.

The mask was only to be used at night and was said to have undergone chemical expert testing and proved safe. However, because it was typically worn over the face like a glove, it made breathing difficult.

Powders and face paints were employed by Victorian ladies to conceal any flaws in their features. While some of the cosmetics featured gentle chemicals, others contained lead particles.

Glance At The End

It can be easily concluded that how women for centuries have been indulged in such practices that help in their skin grooming and nourishing. All Victorian beauty standards were interesting and exciting to know as they had very weird kinds of cosmetics and things that they used in their styling and grooming.

Victorian beauty standards may not be very popular but had an immense impact on those who want to know how they look after their makeup and styling.

All beauty standards in Victoria are admirable.

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