10-Step Korean Skin care Routine for Men [2024]


Korean Skin care routine for Men is based on light but effective products that nourish the skin and focus on prevention and not just damage control.

It’s not a time to wait for acne and wrinkles; instead, pick hydrating, nourishing ingredients that offer top-quality skincare. That will keep your men skin looking healthy.

In matters of grooming, we’ve come a long way. Earlier men only applied oil on there faces and washed there faces with normal bathing soap.

In the last ten years, a flood of scrubs, masks, moisturizers, serums, and balms have swept away the traditional soap and flannel routine that maintained men for generations.

Maybe it’s time to level up once more right now. A precise 10-step Korean skin care regimen that claims to keep you looking young well into middle age is steadily sweeping the globe.

Western guys are starting to catch on to the efficient formulas and luxury regimens of Korean skincare, or “K-beauty,” which has been seducing women’s bathroom cabinets for some time.

The typical Korean Skin care routine for Men might appear overwhelming or even too complex for the beginner. But we don’t let our audience be concerned, and we always get to find something for our audience that can be done quickly.

With a few minor adjustments and tricks, there are various ways to streamline the Korean Skin care routine for Men, cut down on time, and achieve remarkable outcomes all in one go.

At the bottom is an excellent sample of a routine that includes products specifically designed for men skin? I’ve even included a timing sign, a brief explanation and a guideline to ensure you know how to manage every step.

The Entire Korean Skincare Procedure For Men

The conventional 10-step Korean skincare regimen for men is surprisingly simple once it becomes a part of your daily routine, despite the fact that it may seem excessive at first (and enjoyable).

Here are the proper items, in the right order, and instructions on how to apply them all for a K-pop star-worthy face.

Step 1: Oil cleansing

Oil cleanser is a facial cleanser based on oils instead of water. They are an integral element of Korean skincare.

They’re much more effective than conventional water-based cleansers when they dissolve oil-based dirt, such as excessive sebum, dirt, and sunblock.

The long-term use of oil cleanser deep cleans the pores, resulting in pores that appear less obvious and noticeable.

What It Does: Cleans the skin of detritus, bacteria, and grime.

How to Do It: Work in a deep massage every morning and evening.

Step 2: Water Cleansing

Oil dissolves when it is in oil, but you’ll need to take a second cleanses to get rid of sweat and other water-based impurities. It’s logical.

Double cleansing can be inconvenient, but it’s one of the most crucial components in Korean skincare. It cleanses your skin efficiently but is also very gentle on the skin.

In contrast to harsh, aggressive cleanser products, double cleansing won’t remove the skin’s natural oils that protect it. The result? Smooth, bright men skin! Select a gentle cleanser that won’t make your skin feel tight after applying it.

What It Does: Eliminates any last-minute dirt and debris that is water-based.

How to Do It: The best times to do it are early in the morning and late at night.

Step 3: Exfoliator

You’re likely to be familiar with this procedure. Face scrubs are made up of tiny particles that exfoliate the skin, but Korean skincare is more prone to focusing on chemical exfoliates.

Regular chemical exfoliants softly remove dead skin cells and dirt that can clog pores. Which results in a smoother and more radiant skin tone?

Additionally, chemical exfoliants aid in hydrating your skin and may be anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial on men’s skin suffering from inflammation, acne and blackheads.

Exfoliating toners contain chemical exfoliants like AHA’s (glycolic, mendelic acid) or BHA’s. Toners are products you leave on your skin. But, you may also opt for exfoliating wash-off products, such as facial masks, which you apply to your face for a brief period, and afterwards wash off.

Including an exfoliant in the Korean Skin care routine for Men skin care is not a considerable effort. But it can produce massive results, mainly if your skin is oily or acne-prone.

What It Does: Removes dead skin cells so that the products that come after can absorb them more effectively.

How to Do It: Concentrate on trouble areas twice a week in the evening.

Step 4: Essence/Toner

Now that your skin is clean and ready, it’s time to provide your skin with intense moisture. Toners and essences are the items that are distinctive when it comes to Korean skincare.

Toners and essences are employed to moisten and nourish the skin and improve the absorption. The general rule is that Essences are more potent than toners.

They are why essences tend to be more expensive, and when you use toners, you will get more. The textures vary from thin and watery to denser, as well as jelly-like and opalescent.

Both contain ingredients beneficial for men skin, like hyaluronic acids or herbal extracts.

What It Does: Hydrates and fortifies the skin with an active lotion.

How to Do It: Use a small amount and pat it on your face and neck each morning and evening.

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Step 5: Serum

Serums are now the place where Korean skincare gets interesting. They have the highest concentrations of active ingredients and are an actual weapon to treat any men skin issue. Are you looking to reduce wrinkles?

Try a peptide-based complex. Is your skin’s appearance rather dull? Vitamin C can lighten things instantly.

Are you interested in treating dark spots? Ingredients such as Licorice and Arbutin extracts are the best choice. Serums are where men skin becomes highly specialized, and regular use can yield impressive outcomes.

What It Does: Infuse the entire face with active substances or treat trouble areas directly.

How to Do It: Apply a small quantity to the face, neck, or afflicted regions every morning and evening.

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Step 6: Sheet masks

If you think of Korean skincare, sheet masks will come to mind. They are famous. Sheet masks are skin masks designed for single usage that is soaked in essence. Imagine it as an oozing, relaxing kind of personal care.

Sheet masks are available for all skin issues. The sheet material creates an insulating layer that stops the moisturizing and hydrating ingredients from drying out, thus making the essence more effective. Essence.

Another advantage of sheet masks is that you can test various essences without purchasing a larger product.

Do you have some spare time and plan to spend it relaxing and for serious self and men skin treatment? Apply an eye mask, sit back and let it perform its job.

What It Does: Prolonged skin contact enables the complete absorption of concentrated substances.

How To do : Apply the remaining essence twice a week, pat into clean skin after relaxing for 20 minutes.

Step 7: Eye Cream

Eye creams are another prevalent procedure in the west that give skin-strengthening proteins like peptides to the delicate periorbital area, which is the area directly around your eyes.

There are eye gels and eye creams in this category, which are great for people with younger skin or those who want to reduce puffiness (ideal for older skin looking to tone, tighten and lift). Unfortunately, dark circles are largely inherited, but a brightening eye gel can assist to lighten the area.

What It Does: It hydrates and illuminates the region around the eyes.

How to Do It: Gently touch your ring finger across the entire orbital bone each morning and evening.

Step 8: Emulsion

Emulsions are the lighter version of a moisturizer. Since men skin tends to be drier, many people prefer an emulsion instead of an ordinary moisturizer.

This is why emulsions are typically more prevalent in humid, hot countries where many prefer light textures.

Emulsions let the skin breathe. Like a moisturizer, they help lock in the hydrating, skin-beneficial ingredients you’ve applied in the earlier steps.

What It Does: Nourishes and binds moisture to the skin.

How To Do It: Morning and night, pat into the face and neck.

Step 9: Moisturizer

A quality moisturizer is essential to maintaining men skin. A moisturizer is a combination of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. The hydrating ingredients attract water to the skin, and the moisturizing ingredients help keep the skin moist.

Dry skin is more prone to break-outs and irritations; therefore, properly moisturizing men skin is essential to maintaining a healthy regimen for men skin care.

Contrary to popular belief, acne-prone and oily men skin also require a moisturizer. If you dry your skin, it’ll produce more sebum to nourish itself. Select a more light emulsion product, or select an oil-free moisturizer.

What It Does: Seals in moisture to smooth and plump the skin.

How To Do It: Morning and night, pat into the face and neck.

Step 10: Sunscreen/ SPF

According to Korean skincare, sunlight is considered to be the foe. Sunscreen is a savior in the sun. Considering it, you can see they’re making a great reason to make.

UV exposure is among the significant factors contributing to wrinkles, skin aging, sagging hyper pigmentation and sun spots. It’s not a choice, but it’s a necessity!

It’s among the most beneficial ways to take care of your skin. Fortunately, Korea is among the leaders in developing lightweight sunblock’s that aren’t annoying to wear. Be sure to apply sunscreen at least every two hours, particularly when outdoors for a long time.

Who says Korean skincare products aren’t appropriate for men skin? Men skin also needs K-beauty. That’s right, we said it. Maintaining your skin isn’t an indulgence; it’s a vital aspect of taking care of yourself.

What It Does: Protects the skin from UVA and UVB damage.

How To Do It: Reapply throughout the day on the face, neck, shoulders and ears.

Giving your skin focus a few minutes every day will enhance its appearance and will likely boost your self-esteem. In all seriousness, taking a Korean Skin care routine for Men can be enjoyable.


We have been writing a lot of blogs for all the skincare lovers lately. While writing we thought why not make a skin care routine for our men too. I’m sure as much as women or girls admire the clear and healthy skin so does the men/boys doo.

In our today’s article Korean Skin care Routine for Men we have brought a 10-step regime for our men audience out there. This is clearly not very easy to be followed on daily basis but skincare lovers will anyhow do it.

We highly recommend to wash face with a gentle cleanser, apply some toner and than moisturizer. And than additionally you can apply some serum or essence to your skin. After which the final and important step is to apply sunscreen to the face neck and ever ears.

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog. Keep sharing and supporting us.

Happy Reading!!

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