Top 11 Filipino Beauty Standards that You Never Knew Before (2024)

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In the Philippines, there are different standards of beauty than there may be in your country. One of the world’s most attractive female populations is the Philippines, according to some. They are leaner and have lighter skin tones. Explore these ideals of beauty in further detail.

Generally speaking, Filipina ladies are admired for their understated beauty. They favor more natural looks over heavily made-up ones, and they like to draw attention rather than conceal their natural characteristics. Even while there isn’t a single method to define the “Filipino standard” of beauty, there are undoubtedly some traits that many Filipinas have in common. 

These traits basically, define the scenarios of the Philippian mindset regarding beauty. These are inspired by their history and culture. Yet, this mindset regarding beauty changes every decade but the basic things stay the same. Read on to explore more.

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List of 11 Standards of Filipino Beauty

There some specific characteristics that together set up Filipino beauty standards which are:

1. Slenderness

In the past, slim women were not regarded as charming in the Philippines. The ideal lady has a full, voluminous physique that appears to have more flesh on her bones than slender women do. In the Philippines in 2015, being slender or having a lean body is gradually gaining acceptance. This level of beauty is well-exemplified by Filipino celebs like Kris Aquino. Many Filipino adhere to a strict diet and exercise to achieve slenderness. 

2. B cup sizes for females

In general, B cup-sized breasts are viewed as ideal and lovely by Filipinos. Larger-cupped women frequently receive less attention because it is assumed that they have flat chests.

It’s important to keep in mind that Asian women typically have more flat cleavage than Caucasian women, therefore natural B-cup-size breasts are ideal.

3. Lighter skin tones

In the Philippines, it’s a common belief that those with lighter skin are considered to be more attractive. Also, light skin tones are associated with higher social status in their culture. Women with fair skin are viewed as being sophisticated and elegant. Women in the Philippines don’t tan from spending a lot of time outside.

One of the factors contributing to the fame of these models abroad is the light skin tone of Filipinos. Alessandra de Rossi and Isabel Oli are examples of fair-skinned celebrities that are from the Philippines. Along with fair skin, a small-oval face with a pointed chin is considered attractive in the Philippines.

4. Clear Teeth

Filipinos are renowned for having some of the best grins in the world, which are bright white. Smoking or food stains can rapidly mar someone’s smile. The majority of these ladies have the bright white teeth that they consider to be essential to beauty. They are not required to have their teeth whitened.

They naturally have those ideal white teeth. They are God-gifted with their white enamel. And they also take care of it very much.

They do several things for healthy and white teeth. Like they prefer more natural things than synthetic ones for their teeth. They regularly have dental check-ups and so. For quick fixes they use teeth whitener.  Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips is the best for teeth whitening. 

5. Down syndrome appearance

Compared to other Asians like the Japanese or Chinese who have more wavy hair, many Filipinos have straight, lighter hair. In comparison to short, chopped hairstyles like the pixie and others, they think it is simpler to maintain length and thickness.

They have a sensual, feminine, and small appearance as a result, which makes them simpler to maintain. With their straight, shoulder-length hair, Camille Prats and many other celebs are ideal representations of the Down syndrome style.

6. Gorgeous Eyes

Gorgeous eyes that are tiny, wide-set, or almond-shaped are common among Filipino women. The eyes are frequently referred to as one’s soul’s windows. Many people think that attractive women have attractive eyes. The women in Filipino commercials frequently have brown eyes and this style of eye makeup. Some normal techniques like eyeliners and false lashes are used for this purpose by women.

7. A nose job

In the Philippines, nose operations are performed on women to enhance their beauty. Pinoys find their higher noses, which many of them have, to be extremely attractive. To make their characteristics seem impossible to miss, some even opt for a runway nose. It plays a significant role in Filipino beauty standards. It’s a running joke in the Philippines that you can only describe someone as lovely if you mention their nose.

8. little feet

Many guys favor females with little feet. According to a survey, males consider a woman’s foot to be an essential component of her physique and a significant indicator of her femininity and beauty. In general, a woman’s feet turn on males.

Most ladies wear small shoes to match their standards since in the Philippines, small feet are regarded as being lovely and sexy.

9. Tall Legs

Not only in the Philippines but also around the rest of the world, long legs are considered more beautiful.

Being physically attractive in the Philippines requires having long legs. Even height-enhancing footwear or heels are a last choice for some ladies.

They believe that appearing taller instead of shorter makes them look more handsome and self-assured. Because it is seen to be sexier, some of them jeopardize their health by wearing extremely high heels.

10. Tanned Tone

Filipinos have naturally fair skin, which protects them from sunburn. Few people consider sunscreen to protect their faces from sunburn. They spend hours outside in the heat while maintaining a radiant, healthy appearance and a golden-brown sheen that many find seductive and alluring.

Even women from other nations attempt to tan in the Philippines to have their skin resemble that of Filipinas.

11. Straight Hair 

In terms of hair, straight hair is considered ideal in the Philippines. Women are more often expected to have straight and shiny hair. They are considered a good beauty trait and sign of sophistication. 

For this purpose, women use different kinds of hair products such as Hair Strengthening Oil With Biotin and hair straighteners to get a sleek and neat look. So, it is not surprising that the Filipino beauty industry makes a variety of hair products and treatment that are popular in the country and around the globe. ELEVATE Hair Growth Oil is the best hair  product

The Reasons These Standards Are Special

Filipino beauty standards for women are distinctive for a variety of reasons. For one thing, Asia’s sole Christian-majority nation is the Philippines. This indicates a significant impact from Western society, which tends to accord greater importance to physical attractiveness than other civilizations. Another factor that has contributed to the development of a beautiful ideal that is both desirable and achievable for many Filipina women is the fact that the Philippines is home to numerous international beauty pageant champions.

Changes In These Standards Over The Years

Our mindsets change every year, every month and they should be. In the same way, the understanding of beauty changes every decade and becomes comparatively liberal and easy to achieve.

Female beauty has been highly regarded since the beginning of Philippine history. Women had to be fair-skinned, thin, and well-groomed to be considered. However, as time went on, these criteria shifted as other characteristics started to be regarded more highly and skin tone was given less weight. While fair skin was highly regarded earlier, the standards have been changing and people are accepting more diverse skin tones. 

Even though being fair-skinned is no longer as valued as being naturally thin and well-groomed, women are nevertheless expected to maintain Filipino beauty standards. There has been a movement to support unique features and encourage people to see natural beauty. Alongside, people embrace diverse hairstyles including curly and short hair cuts.


Filipino women are held to significantly different beauty standards than women in other nations. Earlier, women with fair skin, slim figure, small face and straight hair were considered ideal. But, beauty standards in the Philippines for women typically placed a focus on simplicity, naturalness, and humility.

Even while there are probably some portions of these standards that could be viewed as outdated or unrealistic, there is much to be said about the idea of enjoying one’s unique beauty. People have come out celebrating diversity and uniqueness in recent years embracing their natural self. 

These standards are just a set of suggestions for how to do that; every woman is beautiful in her special way. Therefore, whether you are Filipino or not, never be afraid to express who you are and embrace your uniqueness.

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